59 Years Old, 291 Pounds Lost

When Jim Carpenter enrolled in the DECO Healthy Living Program, he weighed 518 pounds. He was suffering from:

• Congestive Heart Failure
• Diabetes
• High Cholesterol
• High Blood Pressure
• Stage One Kidney Failure
• Neuropathy of the Legs and Feet
• Water Retention
• Bad Knees
• Balance Issues

He was unable to walk to his mailbox. Now he maintains his weight at 220 pounds and walks/jogs in 5k’s. What he’s accomplished since joining the program is nothing short of inspirational!


35 Years Old, 53 Pounds Lost

What was your life like before doing the DECO Healthy Living Program? What were some of the challenges you faced?  What health issues did you have? I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance & Hashimoto’s and I was tired all the time. I felt miserable and trapped in my own body.

Why did you decide to follow the DECO Healthy Living Program?  What motivated you to keep following the program? I was diagnosed with DVT after a knee surgery. All of my doctors told me to lose weight. I decided it was time for a change.  I liked that the program was with Dr. Rittenberry. I adore her! I instantly started losing weight (talk about motivation!!)

What specific results have you experience since following the DECO Healthy Living Program?  What health problems have improved?  Have you changed clothes sizes?  What have you gained (improvement in quality of life) since you have lost weight? My insulin and thyroid levels are down. I was able to discontinue one of my medications because my labs were good. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 12! I have gained energy, confidence and a new outlook on life.

 Would you recommend the DECO Healthy Living Program to your friends? ABSOLUTELY!! It has changed my life.

What is/was your favorite part of the DECO Healthy Living Program? I enjoy checking in with Jessica. At first, when I was losing weight she always gave me great tips and words of encouragement. Now, that I am in maintenance mode, I check in once a month to keep me accountable. She is encouraging. I feel like we are in this together.