It's that time of the year again. From office parties to family celebrations, the holidays are times of sharing food and entertaining. It can represent a challenge for those living with diabetes or that are trying to achieve weight loss goals. The truth is, with a little bit of planning and a healthy mindset, we don't have to sacrifice taste or traditions to stay on track this holiday season.

Adam Brown, the author of Bright Spots and Landmines, who also has Type 1 Diabetes, points out accurately the areas that create the perfect storm during the holidays: "sugary foods, stress and frustration, lack of sleep,  and limited time for self-care. How do we cope?"

I am re-visiting some tips to stay healthy during the holidays, but also linking Adam's article since he shares in detail, links to pages that provide specific and practical advice that we can all use to stay on track this season!

• Instead of trying to lose weight during the holidays, set a goal of weight maintenance. This is more realistic, freeing you from the “all or nothing” thinking that sabotages healthy eating.

• Try not to arrive to a party hungry. Eat a light but filling snack (such as greek yogurt or a piece of fruit with peanut butter) before getting there.
• Do not skip meals, keep carbohydrates low and consistent throughout the day, try to stick to your usual meal plan.

• Choose vegetables, fruit, or grain-based foods. Bring a vegetable tray with a low sodium, greek yogurt based dip and you will be guaranteed to have a healthy filling side dish.
• Limit fried food. Choose steamed, grilled, baked, or broiled items instead.
• You don’t have to pass up your favorite dessert, but remember to indulge in moderation. Have just a taste, or share dessert with someone.

• Include physical activity as part of your holiday plans; if you do overindulge make sure you go for a walk.
• Take a walk between dinner and dessert.
• Play with children.
• Do short home workouts if there is a lack of time to go to the gym

Check out Adam Brown's article:

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